Art Direction

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the career of an art director. It is a great course for designers who want to graduate to a directorial or management role. It is also great for designers who want to develop art direction skills to better communicate with fellow designers as well as clients.

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All About Art Direction

Have you ever wondered how companies define the direction of their creative campaign, their websites, their advertisements etc? It is all thanks to the ideas of art directors. Designers can become art directors once they gained some experience; they can also choose to focus more on art direction in the beginning. Even if a designer does not have intention to become an art direction, it is helpful to understand how creative ideas in a team environment are born, refined, executed and promoted.

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Unit Breakdown









Unit 1

The Role of An Art Director

Have you ever wondered what an art director does? In a creative team environment, an art director wears multiple hats. In this unit, we will introduce the multifaceted nature of the job of an art director and how it works together with designers.

Unit 2

The Art Direction Process

This unit provides a comprehensive overview of the entire art direction process, from client meeting, to finalizing the creative brief, to communicating with designers, defining key visuals, storytelling and more.

Unit 3

Branding and Messaging