Brand Design

As a designer, we must understand the brands we design for. If you plan to become a creative director, art director or a freelance designer, understanding branding is a crucial skill because clients rely on our expertise to help them shape the image of their company. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the branding process specifically for designers.

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All About Brand Design

When you hear about “branding”, what comes to mind? Logos? Slogans? Ad Copy? The short answer is – it’s all of them, and beyond. Branding is an integrative discipline that sits between design and marketing. This course introduces the process of designing for and defining a brand. As a designer, you will have a strong advantage if you are well-versed in branding, especially if you want to consider a freelance career or working for a renown creative agency. As an aspiring art director or creative director, you would need this essential skill for your career.

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Unit Breakdown









Unit 1

Brand Design Foundation

In this unit, we will walk you through a series of concepts, terminology and processes around brand, branding, brand identity and brand design. What is a brand? What is a brand identity? How do you define a brand’s personality? How do you create moodboards? How do you carry out a 360 campaign? It’s all in this unit.

Unit 2

Brand Design Components

Brand design is an incredible undertaking, which means it has at least a few components. In this unit, we will walk through some of the most common brand design components, including logo, color, typography, photography and more.

Unit 3

Logo Design