Color Theories

This is a beginner to advanced color theory course that covers a wide and in-depth topics about color that prepares designers with a solid foundation for advanced level design work in print and digital.

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All About Color Theories

Color is arguably one of the most important aspects of visual design. Mastering color usage will distinguish you amongst thousands of other designers and propel your career forward. In this in-depth color course, we will introduce color to you like no others. You will learn everything that you need to master color theories, a ordinarily scary subject, and use it to level up your design project.

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Unit Breakdown









Unit 1

Basic Color Theories

Whether you are a complete beginner to color or a seasoned designer looking to refresh your color theory understanding, this first unit will set you up for the solid foundation that you need to succeed in later units. We explain basic color theories in simple and plain terms with plenty of examples for you to practice with.

Unit 2

Color and Accessibility

Color plays an important part in accessibility. How do you choose color to ensure that your design is accessible to users with different visual, physical and cognitive abilities? In this unit, we will take you through the best practices of using color to enhance your design’s accessibility.

Unit 3

Color and Typography