Design Systems

This course is designed for the modern collaborative design teams that want to streamline their workflows and create better designs more efficiently. Design system is a relatively new development in the digital design world, but it is becoming more important every day. We will show you how to establish a highly efficient design system for the type of team and work you do.

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All About Design Systems

If you work in a design team, things can get messy pretty quickly. Imagine Designer A is tasked to create icon sets; Designer B is assigned to create color palettes; Design C is creating button styles. All of a sudden, we have all kinds of elements going on while all other designers must scramble to get these assets to apply to the design. How do we make sure that this process is streamlined? How do we not create 5 different sets of typography styles when all we need is one? Design system is here to the rescue. But first, we must know how to establish an effective one that works dynamically for our team. This course will teach you just that.

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Unit 1

How To Design A Design System

In this opening unit, we go into deep dives of all the different components of a design system, from spatial system, to color system, to icon system and so much more. Step by step, you will learn how to establish an effective design system structure for your team.

Unit 2

Learn from World-Famous Design Systems

Design system has been implemented any many world-leading companies. In this unit, we will take a look into the real and complex design systems at some of these companies and learn to apply the things they did well to our own design systems.

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