This is a beginner to advanced typography course that takes students from the history of typography, foundation of typography to more advanced topics such as customizing typography and using typography as design elements. It sets a solid foundation for any student who wish to pursue design as a career.

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All About Typography

Typography is one of the three main foundations of visual design. It is also one of the more intimidating topics because of its multifaceted nature. In this course, we take you through the world of typography from beginner to advanced in an approachable yet in-depth manner. We will discuss topics such as letterforms, typesetting, type pairings and even designing your own custom typography.

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Unit 1

History of Typography

How did modern-day typography begin? We take you down the memory lane of the history of typography through stop motion videos. This is not your average history lesson – it is a rapid fire survey of the most important developments in typography in relation to the ones we use today.

Unit 2

Typography Organization & Classification

There are many terms and jargon in typography – what do they all mean? Why are they necessary? How can you use them? In this unit, you will learn everything about typography classifications in a non-intimidating manner.

Unit 3