UI Animation and Interactions

Animation is becoming an increasingly important part in design, especially in our highly interactive world. This course takes you through the process of designing animation from the standpoint of a designer and collaborating with developers to make those highly interactive design come to life.

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All About UI Animation and Interactions

When you use a digital product, are you noticing that there are a lot of “moving” elements like the launch screen of a mobile application or the delightful clicking sound of a successfully completed action followed by a small movement in the button. All of this is not by accident – they are by design. Animation started in Hollywood, but it has now come to digital product design. As a designer ready for the challenges of modern design, we should be prepared to design for animation as well. In this course, we will take you through the process of designing animation in the digital product context as well as best practices of collaborating with developers to make your animation design come to life.

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Unit Breakdown









Unit 1

Introduction to Basic Animation Concepts

In this unit, we introduce you to the basic concepts of animation. There are a lot of nuances that designers need to pay attention to in order to make animation look natural. We will talk about the specifics in terms of easing, duration, choreography and more.

Unit 2

Animation In Your Design Process

How does animation fit into your overall design process? After all, your main job is not an animator. In this unit, we will talk about how animation work hand in hand in the design workflow as well as introducing you to the basics of Adobe After Effects.

Unit 3

Conceptualizing Your Animation