User Interface Design

This course is provides a comprehensive overview of the process of designing for user interface. We walk students through the tools, methodologies, best practices as well as the workflow between design and development.

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All About User Interface Design

Are you well-versed in the best practices of designing user interfaces for websites and mobile applications? This course goes beyond basic design principles – it focuses specifically on the various topics surrounding UI design to prepare designers for a fully digital-focused career.

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Unit Breakdown









Unit 1

Introduction to User Interface Design

In this unit, we introduce the differences between UI and UX design. We will also talk about how UI and UX design work together, in addition to some basic principles which we will dive deeper in the following units.

Unit 2

User Interface Design Tools

In this unit, we will introduce the latest digital design tools for students who are completely new to design. You will be practicing these tools in this unit with tutorials and exercises to help you reinforce your software competency.

Unit 3

Visual Design Foundation