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Who we are

Path Unbound was created by award-winning designers 
and design educators in order to provide comprehensive realistic, industry-savvy education in a landscape saturated with cookie cutter “bootcamps” and UX crash courses. Learn from industry professionals who want to help you 
stand out and find your unique voice in design.
As design industry professionals with over two decades of combined experience, we know how challenging it can be to find quality practical design education that readies you to enter the industry.

We know (and feel) the struggle...

We've seen glaring gaps in design foundation

We’ve seen countless bootcamps pop up over the years, almost all of which are founded by non-designers and tend to focus solely in User Experience and Design Thinking, rather than comprehensive design education including visual and graphic design practices and theories.
We also know traditional two-to-four year education can be financially 
out of reach and often times longer than necessary due to the additional credits needed for graduating with the desired degree.

We understand the need for flexibility and affordability

We created a better way to learn design

Path Unbound provides design education on a much shorter timeline than traditional university while still maintaining many of the philosophies bootcamps are lacking—a personal-to-you experience, trained educators, and comprehensive curriculum.

Meet Our Founders

Path Unbound is proud to be founded by women. 
Our founders, Stella Guan and Sydney Ligouri, are both working professional designers and design educators who want to make comprehensive design education more accessible and approachable to everyone.

Stella Guan

Co-Founder and CEO

Stella Guan is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer, creative director, educator, speaker and entrepreneur creating beautiful, functional and storytelling-based design.

After a decade of successful career as a designer working with Fortune 500 companies, Stella took an entrepreneurial path and founded Path Unbound, a UI/UX design school providing customized educational programs for people who want to make design a career.

As an educator, she has worked as an adjunct faculty member at Fashion Institute of Technology and New York College of Technology and Lead Visual Design Instructor at General Assembly.

A furniture design enthusiast, Stella has expanded her design practice from digital to physical by launching her own multi-functional post modern furniture brand, Bezier Home.

Stella is a multilingual immigrant from the big “rooster-shaped” country with 1.4 billion people (China). She considers herself a blunt New Yorker and “non-laidback” Angeleno.

Sydney Ligouri

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Sydney brings over a decade of experience in the design industry and is an accomplished design educator. Sydney began her entrepreneurship journey nearly seven years ago as co-founder of creative mentorship platform RookieUp. She also taught—and later became Head of Design Education—at Shillington NYC, contributing to exceptional student results.

On the product side, Sydney has worked on multiple end-to-end product design initiatives in the tech education space. She plans to partner this experience with her deep understanding and insights into curriculum development and instruction training to bring an approachable and delightful experience to our comprehensive design education platform and course offerings.

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