Our past event recordings are updated on YouTube as they become available

Prospective Student Events

We gather the latest episodes here in case you’d like to consume them in moderation – or excessively on our podcast and Youtube channels.

Path Unbound Enrollment Open Forum

Join us during our live open forums to learn what Path Unbound is all about and get all your questions answered. Each session will have the same content and flow, and you can expect to learn about:

  • Introduction to Path Unbound
  • Course offerings, including syllabus reviews and intake dates
  • What is self-paced learning and tips for success
  • Learning with our instructors
  • Career paths in design post-course completion
  • Tuition, Scholarships, and ways to pay

Past Events

Our past event recordings are updated on YouTube as they become available

July 14, 2022

Rapid Fire Portfolio Review​

Having your portfolio reviewed by the most honest design professionals before your job search will give you the best advantage over piles of applicants. In this event, Path Unbound founder Stella Guan and instructor Silvia Script will give rapid fire reviews for students’ design portfolio to help them get ready for job hunts. Students will submit their portfolio before the event and our team will randomly select 10-15 portfolio websites during the event and provide our most honest feedback. Get ready for some brutal honesty and a lot of fun learning from other aspiring designers at your level!

Oct 25, 2022, 3:00pm PST | 6:00pm EST

Break Into Fortune 500 with Designing At Scale

If you want to work as a designer for a big organization, such as a Fortune 500 company, knowing how to design at scale is a crucial skill that hiring managers will look for. We have invited Oren Dayan, VP of User Experience Design at JPMorgan Chase, a Fortune 500 company, to discuss his experience with building enterprise-level design systems and what hiring managers like himself look for when hiring talents, especially junior designers, to join his global team.

Jun 27, 2021

How to Really Change Your Career From Another Field to Design

Have you always wondered how other professionals like yourself who have worked in another industry for a significant amount of time managed to transition to a career in design? In this session, you will hear from Soha Lachini, a product designer previously working as a marketing and education professional on her recent successful transition to a career in design and Stella Guan, Founder & CEO of Path Unbound. This session will give you the inside scoop on best practices as a mid-career transitioner with actionable strategies instead of generalized tips.

Jun 21, 2022 | This event was not recorded

Overlooked Creative Positions in Startups

Startups hire a lot of UI/UX designers, but did you know that there are a lot more job openings that are in the creative design field but are not in the real of UI/UX?

In this session, you will hear from a successful working professional in the startup work with a fulfilling role as an art director. In the second half of the session, you will hear from Stella Guan, founder of design school Path Unbound, on what other creative roles have been gaining traction in job openings in the startup world beyond UI/UX design.

June 14, 2022

Design Career Options Beyond UX

A partnered event with ADPList – Have you ever been intrigued by design as a career but unsure if user experience design (UX) is for you? In a market saturated with new UX designers, it is imperative for aspiring designers to explore their options and find the best fit with their skillsets and passions instead of following trending job positions. In this session, you will learn from Stella Guan, award-winning designer and founder of design school, Path Unbound, about career options that are related to design but are not in the realm of UX.

Jun 23, 2021

Off the Beaten Path to Design

An enlightening discussion of career transition success stories with designers who come from “non-traditional” backgrounds. Featured guests include: Stella Guan, award-winning designer and founder of Path Unbound; Jessica Ko, Co-Founder of; Kerry McPhearson, Product Designer; Stef Meeder, UX Designer.

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