UI/UX Design Case Study Templates + Tips

It’s a hassle to put together a case study after months of working on a project, but you have to in order to finish your portfolio. But the good news is, you don’t have to go in with no direction and from scratch. To help students in the stage of putting together their case studies, we have prepared an expert guide written by our award-winning instructors.You will first find several extremely useful tips for your case study writing. Then you will be able to use our template to put together your job-winning case study in no time.

What's Included



Best Practices

We’ve included some of the most important best practices and tips for case study writing to help students who are writing their case studies for the first time.By following these best practices, students can write engaging and standout case studies that will be instrumental in getting their dream design job.




To help ease your workload, we have included a case study template that can be applied to all kinds of design-related projects.With our template, you can be assured that your case study presentation is concise, on-point and engaging, which are all the elements you need to get that coveted design job.

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