Design Job S.O.S.

Not Getting Your Dream Design Job?

Have you submitted hundreds if not thousands of design job applications and heard nothing back? You are in the same boat as over 90% of job applicants. But most of them will never know why. Do you want to remain the dark or find out how to really get the call back? Take our simple and free “diagnostic” test to find out.

How It Works


Tell us what's been going on

Answer a few simple questions letting us know how it's been going for you in your job search and what you've done so far in your learning and skills development journey.


Get personalized "diagnosis"

We will provide on-point "diagnosis" of what your problems are, what opportunities you have and how you can actually get started addressing them when you finish the simple quiz.


Start taking effective actions

At the end of the quiz, you will have a personalized and straight forward report right in front of you, along with suggested resources to help you get started immediately on addressing your job search issues.

Why We Built This Tool

Job Applicants Encounter Similar Problems

Through years of design education experience, we have found that job applicants ask the same kind of questions and suffer from similar problems.

We Want To Help Aspiring Designers Land Jobs Faster

Instead of helping one person at a time, we thought we could help many more with a simple tool that is designed from our wealth of design career coaching experience.

Job Search Is Not Rocket Science and We Help Demystify It

Despite the fact that job search is no rocket science, many struggle with it. We want to build a simple tool to help job seekers get to where they need to be faster and waste no time.

Your questions answered


Is this completely free to use?

Yes, it is completely free to use.

Our “diagnosis” is based on the answer you provided to our questions and are intelligently pre-programed. However, when your answers indicate that you may benefit from a direct consultation with us, we will get you scheduled!

Yes, in order to receive personalized “diagnosis” and recommended action plans, we have to collect your personal information such as name and email, but we will never send anything to you without your permission.

We have over 20 years of experience in design work and design education and currently running a highly-rated design school – we thought that might qualify us a little.

Yes! If your answers indicate that you may benefit from a personalized consultation (free), we will provide scheduling information to you.

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