How to Get A Creative Job Without A Related Degree

Say that you studied accounting in college like your parents wanted you to because you can find a job with a finance degree anywhere. You got good grades, interned at one of the Big Four firms and got a job offer right before you graduate. Sounds like you’re killing it at this whole career thing, right? Not if you’re unhappy about what you’re doing.

Why Creative Majors Should Take Non-Creative Classes

If you are a creative major in college, you probably want to take as few non-creative classes as possible because your grades in subjects like math and science in high school were somewhat of a disaster. Now you are in college and in complete control of your path, why bother with things that don’t interest you?

How to Find Creative Jobs That Pay Well

Tired of preconceptions that creative jobs don’t pay well (a.k.a. the starving artist)? The best way to refute people’s ill-conceived advice to abandon your creative passion for something more “practical” is to find a job in the creative field that actually pays well.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid at Creative Job Interviews

So you are called in for an interview for a creative job? Awesome. Now it is time to prepare for the interview to make sure you show off your best work and personality. Before you head out, make sure that you are not going to make these mistakes that could cost you the job.

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