The results are in...

Thank you for taking the time to share your design career journey with us. We understand your frustration and want to help you turn your design job search around, for the better, starting today.



You seem to have the basics covered and are proficient in design foundational knowledge.


However, it is possible that there are areas of improvements in your career skills, such as interview skills, interpersonal communication skills and personal branding. Additionally, you may need to get your resume reviewed to make sure it is optimized.


Now that we understand the problem, the path ahead of you is clear.


Prioritize receiving training for career skills – it would be great if our work speaks for itself, but in reality, career skills like interview skills, presentation engagement level, interpersonal communication skills often weigh a lot in the final rounds of selection.


Personal branding is an often-ignored part of the process and some dismissed it as unnecessary. However, from our experience, it is often a crucial differentiator between the winning candidate and others, who are far less memorable due to lack of a personal brand.

Recommended Action Plan


Receive coaching in career skills, especially ones that are tailored for aspiring designers.


Build a strong personal brand either by incredible introspection or receiving guidance from a portfolio building program that includes instructions on personal brand building.


Turn networking into a lifestyle – great opportunities often pass by most candidates because they only get advertised internally.


Schedule a free, 30 minute call with us to find out if one of our programs can help you achieve your design career goals.

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