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Aneri Patel

Lead Agency Visual Designer

Mumbai, India

Aneri Patel is a multidisciplinary designer with 8 years of experience. She has helped companies attain a strong presence through strategic design solutions. Her enthusiasm towards work often serves as a driving force for her fellow teammates, pushing them towards exploring new creative avenues and constantly improving their skills.

Her work centers around brand identity, packaging, typography, advertising & UI/UX across all platforms. For her, typography is not just a tool, she finds her joy in experimenting with typefaces and using them to reflect her personality into design.

When she’s not immersed in the world of design, you will often find her sharing her knowledge and experiences with aspiring designers, helping them find their creative voices.

Aneri's Specialties

Branding Design

Design Foundation

UI/UX Design

Advertising Design


Art Direction

Aneri's Work

Aneri's Experience


Years Working

I look forward to bring my laser sharped focus on visual design and my experience working with a varied roster of agency clients to students at Path Unbound and help them become the designer they want to be.

Aneri Patel

Lead Agency Visual Designer

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