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Kerry McPhearson

Product Designer

Atlanta, GA, USA

Kerry McPhearson is a prominent UI/UX product designer with experiencing working for the world’s largest brands, notably Disney. Kerry comes from a customer service background and successfully transitioned his career to UX design by landing his first 6-figure job right out of a bootcamp. Kerry is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in design.

He regularly gives back to the design community by sharing his powerful and deeply honest insights of the industry.

Kerry has been invited as a guest at many design podcasts and now a frequent guest speaker at Path Unbound events.

Kerry's Specialties

Product Design

Design Foundation

UI/UX Design

Diversity & Inclusion in Design

Case Study Storytelling

Visual Design

Kerry's Work

Kerry's Experience


Years Working

I hope to help students getting into the design industry get a real understand of what it really takes to become a great product designer and how to tell a great story so that they increase their chances of being successful.

Kerry McPhearson

Product Designer

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