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Torian Parker

Senior Product Designer

Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside some awe-inspiring minds. As I matured in my career, I found myself particularly drawn to the inner fibers that create unforgettable user experiences. Now as a Principal Designer, I’ve been able to reflect on this path as it led me to agency design, front-end development, corporate strategy, and motion graphic work. I’m truly excited to share my experiences with you in hopes to help other creatives find and express their unique point of view!

Torian's Expertise

User Interface Design

Design Foundation

User Experience Design

Portfolio Building

Visual Design

UI Animation and Interaction

Courses Torian Teaches at Path Unbound

Color Theories

This is a beginner to advanced color theory course that covers a wide and in-depth topics about color that prepares designers with a solid foundation for advanced level design work in print and digital.


This is a beginner to advanced typography course that takes students from the history of typography, foundation of typography to more advanced topics such as customizing typography and using typography as design elements. It sets a solid foundation for any student who wish to pursue design as a career.

Design Layouts

This course goes into great details about one of the three modern visual design foundations – layouts. You will learn best practices in print and digital layouts as well as how the use of imagery affects the effectiveness of layouts. You will also be studying case studies to strengthen your understanding.

User Interface Design

This course is provides a comprehensive overview of the process of designing for user interface. We walk students through the tools, methodologies, best practices as well as the workflow between design and development.

UI Animation and Interaction

Animation is becoming an increasingly important part in design, especially in our highly interactive world. This course takes you through the process of designing animation from the standpoint of a designer and collaborating with developers to make those highly interactive design come to life.

Portfolio Express

This program is designed for students who have 2-3 portfolio projects completed, either from our School of Design program or another program. The 6-week course provides extensive 1-on-1 training on personal branding, custom website building, visual design for portfolio sites, storytelling and career-readiness.


Existing Projects Required


1-on-1 Sessions Included


Hours Per Week

Portfolio Kickstart

This program is designed for students who have not yet completed 2-3 portfolio projects or those who want more projects under their belt. The program provides 24 flexible projects prompts that can be customized as well as hand-picked pairing with 1 startup founder who will be the student’s manager for an extra month-long project.


Design projects complete by end of program


1-on-1 Sessions Included


Startup founder paired for you

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Torian's Experience


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I’m truly excited to share my experiences with you in hopes to help other creatives find and express their unique point of view!

Torian Parker

Senior Product Designer

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