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Includes Portfolio School

School of Visual Design

Have you always been excited to create beautiful graphics? Are you excited by visual storytelling, problem-solving, or branding? Learn how to become a Visual Designer and launch your creative career in just six months.

Based on the answers you provided us, we recommend this program to you because you are not (yet) fully proficient in visual design, which is the foundation of all design.

In addition, you have answered that you want to pursue a career with an emphasis in visual design, which makes our School of Visual Design the perfect fit for you.

Please note that even if you have more than 3 portfolio projects, if you are not yet proficient in visual design, you cannot enroll directly in Portfolio School, which requires full proficiency in visual design regardless of the number of projects you already have. But don’t worry, Portfolio School is included in School of Design programs!

Your financing options

Our tuition information, including financing options, are as follows. Please read carefully to make sure you are able to pay with at least one option.

Please note that only U.S. legal residents can apply to deferred tuition at this time due to financial regulations.


Pay now, learn today
$ 6,800* one-time upfront
  • Available to students worldwide
  • Lowest total tuition
  • Pay one-time and enroll directly
  • No interest rate to worry about


Make smaller payments
$ 700* $1,200 down then $700/m for 8 months
  • Available to students worldwide
  • Non-refundable downpayment of $1,200
  • Evenly split your tuition into 8
  • No interest rates to worry about

Merit-Based Scholarship

We award 3 merit-based scholarships to applicants that submit before our deadlines before every cohort. Requirements, dates and details can all be found on our Scholarships page.

Please note that if you apply for Deferred Tuition and receive approval, you cannot apply for scholarships due to the risks we bear with this type of financing.

Got more questions?

We hope this quiz has been helpful, but if you have more questions, we are here to help you in person, live online.

Please note that due to financial regulations, only U.S. legal residents can apply for Deferred Tuition. Worldwide students need to either pay upfront or monthly split payment. If you are unable to pay either, you cannot enroll at this time.

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