From Dance Entrepreneur to UX Designer

Donna Carroll

From Dance Entrepreneur to UX Designer

Donna is a UI/UX designer based in California. She was a dance entrepreneur before her career transition to design. She is a master storyteller with an outgoing personality. Her work is solving business problems every single day.

Student Work

After completing 90% of my Designlab UX Design bootcamp, I realized I needed extra guidance creating a portfolio I’m proud of. I was specifically looking to build a portfolio of the quality I need to get the quality job I’m looking for. This course delivers, in a simple to follow (though not easy) process. It’s a ton of work that results in an incredible creation that gives me the confidence to apply for those dream jobs!

Stella is a superstar mentor and guide, striking the perfect balance between encouragement and pushing me to be better.

Donna Carroll

From Dance Entrepreneur to UX Designer

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Soha Lachini

Soha Lachini is a UX Designer passionate about designing products that users do not know they need and cannot live without. During her professional years in education, she designed exciting games to teach English to students while catering to their needs and learning styles. She is now a Product Designer at Social Solutions, a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. She enrolled in Path Unbound’s programs while working here in efforts to improve her portfolio.

Carina Venet

Carina is an illustrator and animator. Her style of illustration resembles those right out of a storybook. Her animation background makes her stand out more as a multi-talented creative.

Christina Lee

Christina is an illustrator and UI designer. She has designed a unique plushie product line herself and now venturing into broader design disciplines.

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