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Learn visual design principles and foundations, technical tools and programs, and prepare for the creative career of your dreams. From branding to digital design, and everything in between. All with the help of our industry professional instructors and launch your design career within six months.

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Curriculum Overview

Our School of Visual Design Course was developed because we want to make comprehensive Visual Design education more accessible to more students globally. We know how out of reach a traditional two or four year college education can be, and we also know that most design bootcamps today have a narrow focus in UX/UI.

That’s why our School of Visual Design curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to all design principles and foundations — from color theory to typesetting to brand development and everything in between.

By the end of our six month course you will graduate with the skillset, tools, and design industry savvy you need to land your first design job. Here’s a preview of what you’ll be learning:










Technical Programs


Advisor Meetings


Instructor Sessions



Introduction to Design

You’ll dive into design and design thinking, and begin to observe how it impacts the way we experience the world around us. You’ll look at examples of design and identify design principles.

Color Theory

You will learn about color models, how to choose and apply color, and the psychological impact it has on your designs.

Typography & Typesetting

You’ll learn the history of typography as well as the different classes, the anatomy of type, and how to choose and pair fonts in your work. For typesetting, you’ll learn the technical side of laying 
 out large amounts of text, and tips and tricks for encouraging readership.


Layout & Grids

You’ll master the art of using columns, rows, guides, and margins to create neat and orderly pieces of design.


You’ll learn the fundamentals of navigating and using Figma as a designer and then directly apply your new skills in your first creative brief.


You’ll learn the basics of shape and type creation and how to manipulate them into illustrations, graphics, and icons.


You will dive into the basics of Photoshop and learn how to best use and edit imagery.


You will dive into the basics of InDesign and learn how to best typeset and create print layouts.


User Interface Design

You’ll build off of all the visual design skills you’ve learned thus far and apply them to digital experiences like websites and apps.

Brand Design Foundation

You will learn about the fundamentals of establishing a brand identity, including brand personality, touchpoints, brand story, tone of voice, how to conduct brand research, how to use moodboards and more.


Logo Design

You will learn what makes a logo successful, the differences between letterform marks, pictorial marks, emblems etc. You will also be learning the logo design ideation process and how to design them for responsiveness.


Brand Case Studies

You will review some of the most successful branding design in recent history as case studies and contribute your thoughts on what you’ve learned from these success stories.


Design Systems

You’ll learn how to approach creating a design system and applying it in your own designs.

Design Accessibility

You’ll learn how to approach design accessibility and implement some techniques to increase accessibility in your own designs.

Designing with AI

You will gain insights in how best to begin experimenting and using AI in your design work.

Working with Clients

You’ll learn about presenting concepts, receiving client feedback, and handing over final design assets.

Developing a Design Portfolio

You’ll spend several weeks working 1:1 with your instructor to refine your work and curate a portfolio that best represents you.

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Our Expert Instructors

Our team of instructors are great at what they do and teach well, too

Kerry McPhearson

Product Designer

Nina Shahriaree​

UI/UX & Visual Designer

Sam Jacobs

UI/UX Designer​

Silvia Script

Senior UI/UX Design Lead

Tools To Help You Succeed



Self-Paced Learning

Work with our Admissions Advisors to establish a timeline that works for you based on your lifestyle and other time commitments. Our students typically complete the coursein six months or less.



1-on-1 Instructions

Receive 1-on-1, weekly, live online instructions from our expert team of instructors who are successful working designers and have passed rigorous instructional screening process.



Multimedia Lessons​

We know everyone has different learning styles, that’s why it’s important to us to provide multiple ways to learn. Path Unbound course content is offered in written, audio, and video formats to help you learn in ways that work best for you.


Work On

Real World Projects

Many design bootcamps today give cohorts of students the same projects, resulting in cookie-cutter portfolios. Our portfolio incorporates real client work to help students showcase a unique body of work with business value.



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Our courses run in cohorts four times a year and deadlines apply to all programs

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Why Path Unbound

Is this the program that will take you all the way to your next design job?

Other Programs
Path Unbound
Industry Expertise
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Why Path Unbound

Is this the program that will take you all the way to your next design job?

Other Programs
Path Unbound
Other Programs
Path Unbound
Other Programs
Path Unbound
Industry Expertise
Other Programs
Path Unbound
Career Coaching
Other Programs
Path Unbound

Career Paths After Graduation

Take a look some of the career paths you 
could choose to pursue after graduating

Visual/ UI Designer

Visual or UI designers are hybrid designers who are skilled in digital product design, user interface design, design systems, brand design and any other sub-disciplines that handles creating beautiful and enjoyable graphics. Every company that produces digital products need visual designers.

Brand Designer

Brand designers are especially in demand at creative agencies and in-house creative departments where branding is an ongoing initiative. Brand designers can also freelance as there is always a demand from small businesses that are establishing their brands for the first time.

Art Director

Art directors used to work exclusively in advertising agencies, broadcast and film, but the relevancy of the role has expanded significantly, including to the technology sector. A quick search on job sites will generate results from top technology companies looking for art directors because they need their skillsets for creative marketing campaigns as well as focusing more in-house efforts on developing products with messaging that resonate with customers.

Merit-Based Scholarship

At Path Unbound, we provide scholarships to students with demonstrated financial needs as part of our mission to make design education accessible. You may apply for merit-based scholarships by completing our creative challenge.


Yes! Our School of Design program (both the Visual Design track and UI/UX Design track) is designed for students without any prior design knowledge. Our admission interview is to make sure scheduling and career goal fit between yourself and our program. Come with zero knowledge and graduate 100% ready for design jobs.

It depends on how much knowledge you already have in each topic. We recommend filling out our email form above to obtain the full syllabus and schedule a call with us if you want to get the full picture of the entire course. We make every effort to recommend the right level of courses to each student so that they get the most out of the learning experience.

We design each individual course with multiple levels in mind. We start each course with introducing the foundation, which provides a much-needed refresher for even the seasoned designers if they have been away from theory for a while.


We then go into intermediate to advanced topics for deep dives, where multiple levels of designers might find them helpful.


Our goal is to make the course as approachable as possible while still getting into advanced topics for students who are ready to take the leap.

Books are great! We will never say don't buy a book. However, design is a highly practical field. Reading books will give you the surface level understanding. You need more examples, interactive demonstrations, exercises and personalized feedback from expert designers to achieve the level that you need for your career. These other components can only be obtained from a well-designed educational program. Books are great supplements for your courses.

YouTube is a great platform. We say go watch as many YouTube videos as you'd like, but we have yet to find a complete series of courses that go in to so much details and depth as our course on YouTube. While YouTube can provide a surface level foundation for you, it isn't likely to help you get to the level you need for your career. We recommend scheduling a call with us if you are interested and ask questions to make your informed decisions.

Absolutely! We believe in learning by doing. That's why we designed exercises for each unit with intention. Students are expected to complete every exercise and quizzes in order to complete the course. This is not a passive learning experience - it's active. We also wrap up each course with a portfolio-level project, so you can be sure to take away with you a polished piece from every course you finish. If you enroll in our School of Design certificate program with the 9 full course workload, you will have 9 portfolio projects at the time you graduate - a portfolio project number unmatched by any other programs.

We do not provide job guarantees for one reason only - there is no such thing as guarantee in life. 100% of "job guarantees" that exist elsewhere are marketing gimmicks - we do not like or do gimmicks. We are proud of our student results and confident that with the right amount of effort and persistence, our students will land the design job of their dreams.

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