Graphic Designer Transitioning To Digital Designer

Kristina Bozhanova

Graphic Designer Transitioning to Digital Designer

Kristina is a well-rounded graphic and branding designer with lots of experience working in design roles for various businesses. She is also an experienced creative project manager. When clients hire her, they know she will deliver the project on time and with great quality.

Student Work

Great organization with courses that are extremely valuable for designers. While the portfolio school is geared mostly towards people relatively new in their field, it is great for both people who are just starting out, and for people who have been in their industry for some time, but want to elevate the way they present their work. The course is demanding, but worth it! The live sessions are invaluable, since they push you forward when you are spinning your wheels and have been staring at your work for too long. Stella is the mentor every designer needs – the perfect blend of educator and graphic designer who knows her industry well, with a no-nonsense approach that will point out where you need to improve. If you need a push to advance as a designer, I definitely recommend Path Unbound. There are also scholarships available, which is great.

Kristina Bozhanova

Graphic Designer

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